Automated Light at Cape St Lawrence

Automated Light at Cape St Lawrence
Photo 7 of 25: Automated Light at Cape St Lawrence
Taken 2006 August 17 at Cape St Lawrence
GPS 47°02.479'N 60°35.858'W

This photo shows the current automated light, which stands perhaps 6 m (20 ft) high and is powered by a solar panel (and perhaps a back-up energy source of some kind). The red stripes make the structure visible in daylight from the sea. The round cage at the right provides access to the upper part of the light for maintenance; it is not intended for the public’s use. Another photo of this light, which shows its construction from a different (and better-lit) angle, can be found here (though I’m at a loss to explain why the round cage is missing from that photo, unless the light has been modified since it was taken).

As best as I can determine, the first manned lighthouse was built here in 1889; Michael Haynes [op. cit., p. 95] says that ”[t]he tip of the point is littered with ruins of former lighthouses”, so it is likely that there was more than one and, indeed, there are ruins of several buildings on this site. According to a web page which, unfortunately, is no longer accessible (it had a photo of the lighthouse I have been unable to find elsewhere), the lighthouse “had two lights, 42 feet apart vertically. […]. The lower light, equipped with a seventh order lens, was shown from a bay window on the lower floor of the building, at a focal height of 95 feet, and had a nominal range of 15 miles. The lighthouse has been replaced by a mast.”