The Gulf Coast to the Southwest from Tittle Point

The Gulf Coast to the Southwest from Tittle Point
Photo 15 of 25: The Gulf Coast to the Southwest from Tittle Point
Taken 2006 August 17 from the Coastal Trail on the south slopes of Tittle Point
GPS 47°01.8??'N 60°36.8??'W

Eleven minutes later, I was on the Lowland Cove side of the hill that descends to Tittle Point walking towards Lowland Cove with this absolutely stunning scene before my eyes. On an island filled everywhere with beautiful scenery, this view was so unexpected and so impressive that it literally took my breath away. In the very far distance, at the right of the photo, is MacKenzies Mountain, down which the Cabot Trail winds on its way to Pleasant Bay. Immediately ahead, is Lowland Point—Lowland Cove is not yet visible here—and beyond it are the majestic and imposing High Capes. The panorama from this point is much more impressive than what this photo captures, as the highlands continue far to the left outside this photo’s scope.

The footing on this hill is tricky so one has to constantly watch one’s feet when one very much wants instead to look at the scenery, as I was reminded when I nearly fell after stepping off a rock. But I was beyond elated by these views and quickly decided that I was going to continue on to Lowland Cove! How could I not with all this incredible beauty?