Vegetation on Tittle Point

Vegetation on Tittle Point
Photo 16 of 25: Vegetation on Tittle Point
Taken 2006 August 17 from the Coastal Trail from south of Tittle Point
GPS 47°01.6??'N 60°37.0??'W

After another fifteen minutes walking towards Lowland Cove, with substantial pauses to just soak in the beautiful views in all directions, I turned around and snapped this photo of the hill rising from Tittle Point and its vegetation. As previously mentioned, the ground beneath the vegetation is mostly rock-strewn and requires constant attention to one’s footing, as it is easy to misstep. The stunted trees one sees here are reminiscent of what one sees in more northern lands, e.g., along Highway 11 in Northern Ontario, or at higher altitudes near the tree line, though this photo also shows that some evergreens have made a go of it further back from the coast line.

This side of the hill contrasts rather sharply with the other side, which was much more a grassy plain and meadow than this wilder stunted brush-covered slope. I’ve no idea why this should be, as the wind was as strong this day on one side of the hill as on the other, though perhaps the hill itself provides some shelter to the Cape St Lawrence side.