Lowland Cove and the High Capes

Lowland Cove and the High Capes
Photo 18 of 25: Lowland Cove and the High Capes
Taken 2006 August 17 from the Coastal Trail on the northern shore of Lowland Cove
GPS 47°01.4??'N 60°37.2??'W

This view looks across the waters of Lowland Cove to the sloping hill which ends in Lowland Point and across that hill to the High Capes beyond. Unlike the northern side of the cove, which is similar to the terrain at Cape St Lawrence, the southern side is very much higher, drops down sharply, and has no grassy plain along its edges; in this, it is a shorter version of the High Capes beyond, which also descend precipitously to the water. The same roughly 45° angle of tilt can, however, be seen in the cliff faces across the cove.

I am not sure why there seems to be a fair amount of haze towards the High Capes in this photo. Although there were certainly clouds above the High Capes, they did not descend below their summits; moreover, the winds were blowing much too hard for haze to be present. Nor do the other photos I have show any haze, including the one which follows, which was taken about twenty seconds after this one. Whatever the cause, this is what the camera saw at this specific instant in time; it must have been tricked by the lighting.

I am not sure how hospitable Lowland Cove is to boats; its waters appear to be deep enough, but there are also certainly rocks, such as the one seen in front of the cliffs at the left of the photo, which are close to the surface, so finding a channel in to the shore would likely require some close attention.