Lowland Cove and the Highlands Beyond

Lowland Cove and the Highlands beyond
Photo 21 of 25: Lowland Cove and the Highlands beyond
Taken 2006 August 17 at the northern end of Lowland Cove
GPS 47°01.3??'N 60°37.1??'W

I have no names for the prominences showing here (the High Capes are further down the coast and are obscured by these nearer highlands, except for a peak in the far distance at the middle right rising above the hill leading to Lowland Point). The cleft in the terrain between the mountain at the left and those to its right has been carved by Lowland Brook, which flows through it.

While hiking here from Tittle Point, I thought I made out features that looked like they might be indicative of trails on the side of the mountain at the left of the photo and along the other side of, but above, the cleft carved by Lowland Brook. Studying the photo, I can see what I saw from afar, but if trails they be, I was unable to find anything looking like it connected to them at the coast and I did look, as I thought they might form a cut-off to the Pollets Cove Trail, which runs well inland of the High Capes. So far as I am aware, no such trail exists, other than the Lowland Cove Trail, which does connect to the Pollets Cove Trail, but only twenty minutes past the Lighthouse Trail junction, i.e., well to the north and east of the High Capes.

The point in the middle distance jutting into Lowland Cove is the one seen at the right of the previous photo.