Lowland Cove and Lowland Point

Lowland Cove and Lowland Point
Photo 23 of 25: Lowland Cove and Lowland Point
Taken 2006 August 17 from the Coastal Trail at the middle of Lowland Cove
GPS 47°00.9??'N 60°37.3??'W

This view of Lowland Point at the southern end of Lowland Cove shows that the Coastal Trail (and the grassy plain) comes to an abrupt end just beyond here; one has two choices: bushwhack through the woods or descend the cliffs to the shore and look for a path beyond. I did neither; it was by now 12h20 and it was definitely time to start thinking about returning to Meat Cove. But not before pausing to soak in the incredible beauty of this scene!

On my way here from Tittle Point, I had seen some tracks leading up the hill somewhat beyond the north end of the cove, but I had no idea whether that was the Lowland Cove Trail or some other trail. So I spent the next fifteen minutes looking around the head of the cove for anything that might be a trail. I found a campsite with the remains of a bonfire and a couple of trails that quickly dead-ended, but nothing else, so I turned around.