2015 News

On this page, I will discuss news items I’ve learned about this year.


Cape Mabou Trail Club News

As of August, 2015, the Braighe à Bhaird (Poet’s Ridge) and the Làirig Na Creige (Rocky Hillside) Trails have not been cleared of deadfalls. All other trails in the system are cleared and open. Check the club’s web site for more recent trail updates.

The MacKinnon site on the MacKinnon Brook Trail has been cleared and a sign is present.

New signage on metal plaques has been placed on the trails. The new signage is easier to spot than the wooden signage which, with age, has been weathered enough that it blends into the trees.

The ridge along which the relocated Beinn Alasdair Bhain (Fair Alistair) Trail passes offers fantastic views of Beinn Bhiorach along much of its length. However, recent growth is beginning to infringe noticeably on these views; you should hike this trail soon before the growth becomes more problematic.

The Cape Mabou Trail Club actively maintains its trails, but their resources are limited. If you can contribute funds to keep these trails hikeable and clear, please send them to the address listed here; even small amounts help. And if you can volunteer your time to work on the trails, please contact Nadine Hunt for information on where your efforts would be most useful.

Celtic Shores Coastal Trail Improvements

I hiked three sections of the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail (Railway Trail/Trans-Canada Trail) this summer and completed my fifth complete traversal of this beautiful trail. I noticed continuing improvements at two places; they may not have been made during the past year, but they were new since the last time I hiked those sections.

  • Beside Allan Ian’s Pond on the Judique Flyer Trail in Maryville Station, I found a new park bench and a fine interpretive panel, with an excellent view of the large pond.
  • Just before the trestle over the outflow of Captains Brook, a picnic table and another fine interpretive panel now sit beside a railed fence next to a very fragrant wild rose bush.

It is wonderful to see improvements like these continually being made year after year. These upgrades are done by dedicated volunteers who deserve our thanks for all the planning and hard work that has gone into this trail over the years: it sure has come a long way since I first started hiking it fifteen years ago!

Sadly, however, vandals have also been at work: kilometre marker 36 is missing and I found kilometre marker 23, post and all, lying on the ground at the barricade south of kilometre marker 35. Why anyone would so vandalize this fine trail completely baffles me; it must be very discouraging to those who work so hard to maintain and improve this amazing trail.

Chronological List of My 2015 Cape Breton Hikes

Date Where Route
1 July
Northside Whycocomagh Bay hiked the Logans Glen Road from Logans Glen Falls to a point 3.28 km (2 mi) north
and returned as I came
7 July
Judique North hiked north on the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail
from Michaels Landing at kilometre marker 30 to kilometre marker 34
and returned as I came
13 July
St Peters Junction hiked the Little River Reservoir trail from Highway 104 to the pumping station,
then across the causeway across the Reservoir, turning around at the far side,
then returning back to just off the highway where the trail forks,
then took the other fork across the earthen dam and
around the far end of the dam to Little River,
returning as I came
5 August
Lewis Mountain hiked south along the Lewis Mountain Road
from the first four corners south of the junction of
Lewis Mountain Road, Geldart Road, and the Trout Brook Road
to a gated spur road and then along it to a field,
returning as I came
7 August
Maryville Station and
Little Judique
hiked the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail
from the Shore Road south to kilometre marker 34
and then north to the trestle over the outflow of Captains Brook
beyond kilometre marker 38 and then back to the Shore Road
13 August
Harbourview and
Little Judique
hiked the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail
from the Railway Road north to kilometre marker 41
and thence south to kilometre marker 38
and then back to the Railway Road
14 August
Pipers Glen hiked the Egypt Falls Trail from the Pipers Glen Road to the base of Egypt Falls
and explored the side trail above the falls
before returning to the Pipers Glen Road
27 August
Meat Cove hiked to the summit of Little Grassy and returned as I came
31 August
Cape Mabou from the Mabou Post Road Trail Head,
hiked the Cul Na Beinne Trail to MacKinnons Brook,
continuing on the MacKinnons Brook Trail
to the junction with the cutoff trail to Beinn Bhiorach,
returning to the side trail to the Meadows and
taking it to MacKinnons Brook Mouth,
returning to MacKinnons Brook,
and taking the Beinn Alasdair Bhain Trail
back to the Mabou Post Road Trail Head