View Due West from the Campbells Mountain Look-Off

View due West from Campbells Mountain Look-Off
Photo 44 of 44: View due West from Campbells Mountain Look-Off
Taken 2008 August 6 at the Campbells Mountain Look-Off
GPS 46°00.029'N 61°12.514'W

This view is due west of the Campbells Mountain Look-Off, i.e., along 46°00' North Latitude. That line crosses the lower quarter of Port Hood Island. Just left of centre on the far horizon is a tiny band of water; beyond is Henry Island, somewhat to the south of Port Hood Island and further from the shore. Port Hood Island is in the dead centre of the photo, the longish band of land to the right of Henry Island with an almost invisible band of water between it and Cape Breton Island. The ridge one sees in the far distance at the far right of the photo is Southwest Ridge, which rises east of Mabou. Were it not there, one could probably see the mouth of the Mabou River, whose waters come from the terrain seen here.

This view marks the right end of the panorama from the Campbells Mountain Look-Off; trees and the mountain itself block the views further to the right. But what a marvellous sight it is! On a clear day with blue skies, the views would be even more superb and details would stand out much better. I can hardly wait to get back there on such a day! In my book, at least, this ranks right up there with the many other five-star views on Cape Breton Island. My thanks again to Alasdair MacGillean for his help in making it possible for me to see these awesome views.