Kimberley Fraser and Troy MacGillivray

Musicians Kimberley Fraser from Sydney Mines and Troy MacGillivray from Lanark (near Antigonish) joined forces on piano and fiddle to give us some fine traditional Scottish music in the Cape Breton style. The first set had Kimberley on fiddle and Troy on piano, starting with a slow air. In the second set, Troy played solo piano but Kimberley joined him halfway through to finish the set with piano four hands. In the third set, Troy was on fiddle and Kimberley on piano; it started with Arisaig fiddler Wilfred Gillis’ Welcome to the Trossacks and ended with Troy step-dancing while fiddling.

Cape Breton fiddler Andrea Beaton was to have joined Kimberley and Troy in this set, but due to airline delays, she was on the ground at the Detroit airport when this set started and did not make it to Boston before the show’s end.

Kimberley Fraser on fiddle
and Troy MacGillivray on piano
before the start of the first set

Kimberley Fraser on fiddle
and Troy MacGillivray on piano

Troy MacGillivray and Kimberley Fraser
performing a piano duet

Troy MacGillivray on fiddle
and Kimberley Fraser on piano

Troy MacGillivray step-dancing
while playing the fiddle