Natalie MacMaster and Band at Randolph

Event Summary

2008 February 26 (Tuesday) and 27 (Wednesday)
Chandler Music Hall, Randolph, Vermont
Natalie MacMaster and Band


I unfortunately lost my notes for this concert, which I attended on Wednesday, 27 February, so there is no review. I will comment that, with the band’s revised personnel, especially the young cellist, Nathaniel Smith, the programme was quite different from the last time I saw this band: still distinctly Natalie in “band mode” and still top notch entertainment, but noticeably different in flavour and content and still, alas, with only a couple of numbers played as one would normally hear the music in Cape Breton, i.e., without the band sound. J.D. Blair on percussion is the other new band member, replacing Miche Pouliot, and Brad Davidge is no longer with the band. Mac Morin on piano, Matt MacIsaac on pipes and whistles, and Shane Hendrickson on bass remain with the band. Every band member, including Natalie, turned in bravura performances on their respective instruments and each contributed mightily to the sound of the whole. This group’s energy is amazing!


Photos were not allowed at the concert, so the only relevant photo I have is that of Chandler Music Hall itself, taken on a grey afternoon before the concert after a major snowstorm had added to the voluminous snow already on the ground.

Chandler Music Hall

You can make out Natalie’s name on the marquee over the left door.