Highway 252


Google Maps Name
252 in an orange box
Local Name
Highway 252
Northwest to Southeast
Start Point
46°04.546′N 61°22.686′W, in Mabou at its junction with the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19)
End Point
45°58.470′N 61°07.655′W, in Whycocomagh at its junction with the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 105), Exit 5
26.7 km (16⅗ mi)
Collector Highway
Paved two-lane highway
Very good to excellent; resurfaced and partly reconstructed just a few years ago
Route Description
This is the main route between Mabou and Whycocomagh and it is rare to travel it without meeting several vehicles. From its start just north of Mabou Village, it descends Exhibition Hill and follows the Mabou River to Glendyer Station. It then climbs up into Hillsborough and offers fine views of the area from the side of the hills. Beyond the dastardly sharp curve I call the “Widow-Maker”, an unofficial look-off offers a fine view of the Mull River in the canyon it has carved below and of Mabou Mountain and the Mabou River Valley further afield. As the highway reaches Brook Village, its route, which has heretofore been from northwest to southeast, turns distinctly towards the east and then passes through the gorgeous farmland at Nevada Valley and Skye Glen, offering great views of the mountains which separate the Skye River Valley from Lake Ainslie and of Whycocomagh Mountain. In Skye Glen, the road turns to the southeast. At Stewartdale, the road reaches a T corner (and a stop sign). Highway 395 starts on the left fork of the T; Highway 252 continues to the right, following the Skye River to Churchview, where the highway enters the village of Whycocomagh and ends at the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 105).
Vic’s Scenic Rating
In Hillsborough, a wicked hairpin curve I call “The Widow-Maker” is signalled by a “SLOW” sign: it deserves your full and complete respect! At the boundary between the Nevada Valley and Skye Glen, just past where the East Skye Glen Road begins its journey to Centreville, another curve I call the “Centreville Curve” merits your attention when travelling at the speed limit—while it is by no means a hairpin turn, it can be a surprise because it is considerably sharper than the rest of the highway’s curves. I have my car’s navigation system set up to sound a bell a half mile before I reach either curve from either direction, as my mind otherwise tends to be occupied with the natural beauty on both sides of this road.

Brook Village’s parish hall is the site each Monday night from 21h30-1h from late June into September of what currently seem to be the most popular of the adult summer square dances. It is not unheard of for the doors to be closed because the crowd has reached the limit set by the fire marshall. The music and the dancers are always spectacular!

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../essays/1/thumbnails/pa186752.jpg 2005
Churchview 1.3 km (⅘ mi) northwest of its junction with the Trans-Canada Highway at Exit 5 Morning fog and sun on Campbells Mountain