Iconic Views Essay Index

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Panorama from the Colindale Road
Photo 1 (Easy)
The Cape North Massif from the Meat Cove Road
Photo 2 (Easy)
Sydney Harbour and North Sydney from the Port-aux-Basques Ferry
Photo 3 (Easy)
The Mira River Valley
Photo 4 (Easy)
The King’s Bastion at Fortress Louisbourg
Photo 5 (Easy)
The Strait of Canso seen from Point Tupper
Photo 6 (Easy)
Panorama from the Stanley Point Look-Off on the Cape Smokey Trail
Photo 7 (Easy)
The mouth of St Anns Harbour and St Anns Bay from the St Anns Look-Off
Photo 8 (Easy)
White Point, Aspy Bay, and the Cape North Massif
Photo 9 (Moderate)
Egypt Falls
Photo 10 (Moderate)
Ingonish Beach from the Stanley Point Look-Off on the Cape Smokey Trail
Photo 11 (Moderate)
St Anns Bay from the fifth look-off on the Cape Smokey Trail
Photo 12 (Moderate)
The Bay St Lawrence coast out to Cape St Lawrence
Photo 13 (Moderate)
St Peters Bay, Lennox Passage, and Isle Madame from Battery Provincial Park
Photo 14 (Moderate)
The Northeast Margaree River south of Portree
Photo 15 (Moderate)
Panorama from Beinn Alasdair Bhain (Fair Alistair’s Mountain)
Photo 16 (Moderate)
The northwestern coast of Inverness County
Photo 17 (Moderate)
MacGillivrays Cove and the cobblestone beach at Gabarus
Photo 18 (Hard)
Port Morien Bay and Northern Head
Photo 19 (Hard)
Petit-de-Grat Harbour and Petit-de-Grat Island
Photo 20 (Hard)
Meat Cove Mountain
Photo 21 (Hard)
Panorama from the summit of Salt Mountain
Photo 22 (Hard)
St Andrews Channel and the Boisdale Hills
Photo 23 (Hard)
Point Michaud Beach
Photo 24 (Hard)
The Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia (CB&CNS) Railway on its approach to Hectors Point
Photo 25 (Hard)
The Atlantic coast north of Big Lorraine
Photo 26 (Hard)
The Mouth of the Framboise River
Photo 27 (Hard)
Lowland Cove beneath the High Capes
Photo 28 (Hard)
The Fishing Cove River near its mouth
Photo 29 (Hard)
Red Cape
Photo 30 (Hard)