Internet Radio

This area of my web site lists and describes all of the resources currently available on the Internet of which I am aware that would likely be of interest to aficionados of traditional Scottish music as played in Cape Breton. You will also find selected resources drawn from the much wider world of Celtic music that are likely to appeal to those who enjoy traditional Cape Breton music: I have not tried for anything approaching the same level of completeness—a massive undertaking—but merely list here a number of such resources that I have enjoyed over the years.

This 2011 May rewrite is a substantial revision: a number of new programs have begun to air since 2009 or have come to my attention while I was revising this section; you will therefore find a fair amount of new information that was not here in the past. The links given in this section are once again correct. More than in any other area of my web site, these links change often and without notice and normally for no apparent reason. If, at any time, you discover broken links in this section (or anywhere else in this web site), kindly use the address in the footer to notify me so that I can correct them promptly!

This rewrite retains the organization of the 2009 revision, when I split what was then a monolithic page into several smaller, easier-to-read, more focussed, sections; while this makes it somewhat more difficult to search with a web browser, the index below should mostly compensate for this change. I have classified the Internet radio resources into these categories:

Recorded programs previously broadcast that have been permanently archived and are available for listening at any time.
Recorded programs which are distributed as iTunes podcasts (.mp3 files). Any Internet user can download and listen to a podcast at any time. Some of the podcasts listed here are also broadcast as programs (see the next entry). Podcasts are typically available only for a limited time (e.g., up to three months from the initial broadcast of the program) and are usually available via (free) subscription.

Podcasts differ from programs offered for “on-demand listening” in that you must download a podcast: you can then listen to it any number of times in the future whenever you like without limitation, since it resides on your machine. A podcast can take a significant amount of space on a hard drive (50MB for an hour-long podcast is typical).
Programs scheduled for a fixed time slot (daily or weekly) which are sent out over the air waves at a local radio station at the same time as they are streamed out to Internet listeners.

Some programs, many on the BBC, are also offered for “on-demand listening”. Such programs, unlike podcasts (see the previous entry), are simply requests of a server to re-stream the program to you at a time of your choosing. An on-demand program takes no space on your machine once you are done listening to it, but you must listen to it when you request it and you cannot listen to it after it has been replaced on the server (typically within a week of its initial broadcast).
Radio Stations
Normal over-the-air radio stations, either located in or heard in Cape Breton, which also stream their broadcasts over the Internet. Except as noted, most of these stations offer little of interest to the Cape Breton traditional music fan, but do carry Cape Breton news, sports, and weather as well as other kinds of music and programming that may be of interest, so they have been included here.
Repeating loops of music, usually several hours in length, that can be listened to on the Internet at any time. Streams are not broadcast over the airwaves.

If you know of any Internet resources that are not listed in this area of my web site that should be, please let me know using the contact address in the footer below.


This index lists in alphabetical order in the leftmost column each of the main entries in the pages below this one in this area of my web site; each of these entries is a clickable link that will take you directly to the corresponding page and entry. The second column gives the category to which the entry belongs, as defined above. The third column gives the location (community or radio network or radio station) to which the entry belongs, if there is one (if not, the column is blank). The fourth column gives the day and time for programs that air at a fixed time; it is blank for other categories.

What Category Where When
A’ mire ri Mòir Program BBC Radio nan Gàidheal Monday through Thursdays
10h03-12h GMT [5h03-7h ET]
10h03-11h30 GMT [5h03-6h30 ET]
and on demand
Aiseirigh nan Gàidheal
(The Awakening Gaels)
Archive CKJM FM
(Chéticamp Community Radio)
Aiseirigh nan Gàidheal
(The Awakening Gaels)
Program CKJM 106.1 FM (Chéticamp),
92.5 FM (Pomquet), and 97.5 (Sydney)
(Chéticamp Community Radio)
18h-19h AT [17h-18h ET]
Atlantic Airwaves Program CBC Radio One (Maritimes) Saturdays
17h05-18h AT [16h05-17h ET]
Cape Breton Fiddle Tunes Program CKJM 106.1 FM (Chéticamp),
92.5 FM (Pomquet), and 97.5 (Sydney)
(Chéticamp Community Radio)
17h-18h AT [16h-17h ET]
Cape Breton Fiddle Tunes Program CKOA 89.7 FM, “The Coast”
(Glace Bay)
22h05-23h AT [21h05-22h ET]
Cape Breton Live Archive Cape Breton Live
CBC Radio One Radio Station CBC
CBC Radio One Nova Scotia Radio Station CBC
CBC Radio Two Radio Station CBC
Ceílí House Program Radio Telefís Éireann Radio 1
(Public Service Broadcaster of the Republic of Ireland)
21h02-22h GMT [16h02-17h ET]
and on demand
The Cèilidh Program CJFX 98.9 FM, “X-FM”
19h-20h AT [18h-19h ET]
Celtic Crossings Program WRSI 93.9 FM (Northampton (Massachusetts) and
101.5 FM (Brattleboro (Vermont)),
“The River”
7h-9h ET
Celtic Journey Stream WUMB
(University of Massachusetts, Boston)
Celtic Twilight Program WUMB
(University of Massachusetts, Boston)
16h-19h ET
Ceol na nGael
(Music of the Irish)
Program WFUV (Fordham University) Sundays
12h-16h ET
CHER 98.3 FM, “Max FM” Radio Station Sydney
CHRK 101.9 FM, “The Giant” Radio Station Sydney
CIGO 101.5 FM, “The Hawk” Radio Station Port Hawkesbury
CJCB 1270 AM Radio Station Sydney
CJFX 98.9 FM, “X-FM” (Antigonish)
and 102.5 FM (Inverness)
Radio Station Antigonish
CKCH 103.5 FM, “The Eagle” Radio Station Sydney
CKJM 106.1 FM (Chéticamp),
92.5 FM (Pomquet), and 97.5 (Sydney)
(Chéticamp Community Radio)
Radio Station Chéticamp
CKJM Kitchen Party Archive CKJM 106.1 FM
(Chéticamp Community Radio)
CKOA 89.7 FM, “The Coast” Radio Station Glace Bay
CKPE 94.9 FM, “The Cape” Radio Station Sydney
Crunluath Program BBC Radio nan Gàidheal Thursdays
16h03-17h GMT [11h03-12h ET]
and on demand
Downeast Cèilidh Archive
Downeast Cèilidh Podcast
Downeast Cèilidh Program WUMB
(University of Massachusetts, Boston)
20h-21h ET
Fiddlers Green Program K-LEE Radio (Baddeck) Fridays
19h-19h30 AT [18h-18h30 ET]
Highland Fling Program CIGO 101.5 FM, “The Hawk”
(Port Hawkesbury)
18h05-19h AT [17h05-18h ET]
and on demand
Irish and Celtic Music Podcast Podcast
1600 AM, “K-LEE Radio” Radio Station Baddeck
McMusic Stream Live365 Radio
Pipeline Program BBC Radio Scotland Saturdays
21h05-22h GMT [16h05-17h ET]
and on demand
Radio-Canada Première Chaîne Radio Station Radio-Canada
Take the Floor Program BBC Radio Scotland Saturdays
13h05-15h GMT [8h05-10h ET]
and on demand
The Thistle & Shamrock Program WFUV (Fordham University) Saturdays
12h-13h ET
(see link for other options)
The Thistle & Shamrock Program WKSU (Kent State University) Sundays
19h-20h ET
(see link for other options)
A Thousand Welcomes Program WFUV (Fordham University) Saturdays
9h-12h ET
Tiompan Program BBC Radio nan Gàidheal Saturdays
11h03-12h GMT [6h03-7h ET]
and on demand
The Vinyl Café Program CBC Radio Two Saturdays
9h05-10h ET
(see link for other options)
The Vinyl Café Podcast CBC