Mailing Lists

This page of my web site describes the Cape Breton mailing lists that I have found useful and enjoyable. If you are aware of other relevant mailing lists not listed here that you think should be, please so notify me using the address in the footer below.

The Sunrise Photo Mailing List

I first became aware of Jim Steele’s awesome Sunrise photo mailing list near the end of January, 2010. Early each morning, from his house high on the western shore of, and overlooking, St. Anns Bay, he takes numerous of photos of the scene below before, during, and after sunrise, from which he selects from six to ten that he includes in his daily mailing (each of which runs from 400KB to 600KB of data). I have become fascinated watching the always changing views he takes each morning. Depending on the month, as the sun appears to slowly sweep back and forth across the horizon, the photos show the sun rising across Kellys Mountain, Cape Dauphin, the Bird Islands, or St. Anns Bay.

The great majority of Jim’s sunrise photos are of days when clouds interfere with the rising sun in some interesting way, producing a tremendous variety of different and often stunning visual effects as the sun pierces through the clouds, lights them from behind, casts shadows onto the waters, gives them spectacular colours, and often all at the same time. These photos are marvellously informative and have become one of the great pleasures I look forward to each morning as I read the e-mail delivered overnight. When the weather is too cloudy for good views, he dips into his voluminous archives to select others of interest, and occasionally includes daytime photos of the scenery in this gorgeous area as well. He has a marvellous eye for the beautiful and intriguing and the photos of flowers, birds, cats, and dogs that he sometimes includes in the mailing are invariably fascinating.

If you would like to be added to Jim’s free Sunrise mailing list, please send an e-mail to with the text “Please add me to your Sunrise List”. Jim is due many thanks for his dedication and perserverence in documenting and sharing this amazing daily record of often stunning and always intriguing sunrise photos.