A Peek at Glengarry

The Genesis of the Tune

In 2016, Andrea E Beaton began a Kickstarter project to fund the final costs of her CD, With Betty and Dave. In the words of the project’s Kickstarter Page:

A few months ago I was travelling a lot with Troy MacGillivray, and was telling him that I think it’s time I make an album with my mother. He said “You should make an album with your mom and Dave.” Light bulb! Of course I should! So that's how the project began. I booked the studio, and we recorded it right off the floor at the Music Room in Halifax. Luckily, I had two pros (Betty Beaton and Dave MacIsaac) to work with… and they rocked!

I’m in the mixing stage now, but as is often the case with musicians, don’t have the funds in advance to finish the project. I put this Kickstarter campaign together to help pay for the mixing, mastering, graphics, royalties and manufacturing costs that I have left to get this album out there for others to hear!

The goal is to get all the audio stuff finished by mid April so the album can be released by mid May-early June. Fingers crossed, and with the help of all of you wonderful supporters of traditional music, I will meet my goal.

The album consists of a bunch of old and traditional tunes, as well as some of my originals, and some by dear friends and relatives such as my dad, Kinnon Beaton, my aunt Gen Whalen, and the lovely Liz Carroll.

A sincere thank you for taking the time to check out this project, and I greatly appreciate any support!

Yours in music,


I was more than happy to contribute to this fine project: the now-released CD is a great one indeed! Among the other incentives was “a tune written for you (or someone of your choice) by Andrea. Sheet music and audio recording of the tune will be emailed to you.”

In early April, I received a questionnaire asking “What kind of Tune would you prefer?”, to which I responded: “Andrea’s Pick!”, and “Will the tune be named for you? If not, Who/What?”, to which I answered “No; something/someplace in Cape Breton or in Cape Breton’s Scottish culture.”

In due time, I received the sheet music for the tune A Peek at Glengarry, given below along with Andrea’s solo fiddle recording of the tune. Accompanying the sheet music in the e-mail, was the following note:

HI Vic! So the area that I’m talking about in the title is that little spot when you’re heading north on Rte 19, just past the West Mabou Road on the left. It’s one of my favourite views (especially at dusk) while driving up the road and my mom said “the old ones” used to call that area Glengarry. Hope you like it!


I asked Andrea for permission to publish both the sheet music and the audio clip on my web site, which she graciously gave. All rights to the tune remain with Andrea. It’s a lovely place, seen in the two photos below, one during daylight hours and the other at dusk, as in Andrea’s recollection. And it’s a lovely tune that memorializes this place: I hope it becomes widely played. Enjoy!

The scene memorialized by the tune during the day
the_scene_memorialized_by_the_tune_at dusk
The scene memorialized by the tune at dusk

Standard Musical Notation as E-Mailed Me by Andrea E Beaton

A Peek at Glengarry by Andrea E Beaton

Andrea’s Solo Fiddle Rendition