Cabot Trail at French Mountain

Cabot Trail at French Mountain
Photo 15 of 25: Cabot Trail at French Mountain
Taken 2007 October 16 from the Cabot Trail as it climbs French Mountain
GPS 46°44.38?'N 60°55.10?'W

Tuesday the 16th was another frustrating day; predicted in the Chronicle Herald on Monday as the start of three consecutive sunny days, indicated by three bright yellow fully smiling suns in a row, Tuesday was anything but in Cape Breton. Fierce winds, pelting rain, even a brief bout of hail, were the weather’s fare this day. Still, by late afternoon, the skies did relent a bit, sending shafts of sun lighting up MacIntyre Mountain as I passed it on the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 105) on my way to Pleasant Bay, and, near 17h, very briefly casting a golden glow over the rocky faces of this (unnamed) mountain across the Cabot Trail from French Mountain north of Chéticamp. The glorious Skyline Trail runs across the ridge one sees here, leading to gorgeous views of the Inverness County coast line as far south as Sight Point on a clear day.

While there are not many fall colours showing in this view, which is very typical of the area by the Gulf of St Lawrence coast, one does see some in the trees lining the road, and even a pastel red at centre left. There are also a few decidous trees in the mostly evergreen forest on the hillside at the far right of the photo, though the lack of sunlight leaves them hard to make out; most of them are yellows and oranges, though, as brilliant reds are very rare along this part of the Cabot Trail.