Looking Downriver at the Second Pool

View downriver from the Second Pool
Photo 19 of 25: View downriver from the Second Pool
Taken 2007 July 27 from Les Trous de saumons (Salmon Holes) Trail at the Second Pool

Three minutes after leaving the previous site, one arrives at the Second Pool.

The angler perched on the huge protruding chunk of bedrock at the left of the photo is the only fisherman I saw during the whole time I spent on the trail in July; in June, I encountered several anglers, both on the trail and trying their luck in the river. While I was there, this angler managed to snag a salmon on his line, but it fell back into the water with a slap as it was pulled out of the river. Unfortunately, I was not looking in that direction so I didn’t get a look at it, but he said it was a good-sized one.

Some of what one sees in the river here are clearly boulders, but exposed bedrock that has not yet been broken up by incessant attacks by ice and water seems to predominate.