View of the Southwest Mabou River

View of the Southwest Mabou River
Photo 9 of 25: View of the Southwest Mabou River
Taken 2006 July 7 from the Railway Trail about seven minutes upstream of the steel railway bridge
GPS 46°02.58?'N 61°26.82?'W

This photo, looking upstream, features at its left and through its middle the tree-lined continuation of the ridge in the previous photo, which is the river’s inseparable companion along this part of the Railway Trail. Bushes line the trail itself at the right, with a hillside, barely seen at the upper right of this photo, rising close to the trail.

The gravel bars that have been created by the water’s action over the centuries attest to the power of the water given sufficient volume, as do the small boulders rising above its surface that are seen along its course. The water’s brown and dark blue hues provide hints as to its depth, with the dark blue marking the deeper spots.

At this later hour, detached white cumulus clouds have begun to encroach on the day’s previously nearly clear blue sky; they are as well seen reflected in the water as in the sky itself. Given Cape Breton’s constantly changing weather, no two photos of the same view taken only hours apart are ever identical. Indeed, the fascinating play of the sky reflected on its waters is one of the many charms of this delightful river.