The Falls at the First Pool

The Falls at the First Pool
Photo 12 of 25: The Falls at the First Pool
Taken 2007 July 27 from Les Trous de saumons (Salmon Holes) Trail at the First Pool
GPS 46°37.915'N 60°54.866'W

Given the way the First Pool is physically sited, the bedrock on which I was standing does not afford a better view of the falls above First Pool; this is the closest view I have in my collection. It gives a better idea of their character than the previous one. This photo was taken a bit more than a month later than the previous one and the spring greens have by now given way to the darker summer colours.

In the previous photo, the foam one sees here was absent. Clarence Barrett, on page 75 of Cape Breton Highlands National Park: A Park Lover’s Companion says that this foam “occurs naturally in the Park’s streams, especially after heavy rains. Detergent-like compounds are released in the streams by the decay of organic materials such as fallen leaves, or from organic soil material carried into the streams by surface runoff. The released compounds rise to the stream surface where they interact with the water molecules and reduce its surface tension. This allows air to mix more easily with the water. Bubbles form in turbulent rapids and waterfalls as air mixes with the interacting water and foaming agents. The lightweight bubbles congregate as foam and trace interesting swirls and patterns as they are carried along on the river’s currents and eddies.” It was indeed quite fascinating to watch this foam move about the pool’s surface as I ate lunch here.