The Falls at the Second Pool

The falls at the Second Pool
Photo 21 of 25: The falls at the Second Pool
Taken 2007 July 27 from Les Trous de saumons (Salmon Holes) Trail at the Second Pool

This close-up view of the falls above the Second Pool shows how the water cascades down over the bedrock; it tumbles with such considerable speed and force that one wonders how a fish could possibly make its way up and over such an obstacle without suffering mortal wounds from being slammed against the very abrasive rock. For, in spite of the water constantly pouring over the rock, it retains many rough and sharp edges, at least judging by the bedrock exposed on the shore, on which one would not want to walk for long unshod.

Clarence Barrett on pages 77-78 of his Cape Breton Highlands National Park: A Park Lover’s Companion says that “[s]almon spawn in late autumn. […] The adult salmon return to the ocean feeding grounds immediately after spawning, or after overwintering in the river. Most Atlantic salmon die after spawning, but one in ten may survive their drastic loss in body weight and have enough strength to return to the sea and recuperate. Through tagging, it’s been found that such vigorous individuals have returned to spawn as many as six times.”