Long Trestle

The long trestle
Photo 2 of 24: The long trestle
Taken 2004 July 29 from the Railway Trail
on the northern edge of the long trestle about ten minutes north of its junction with the Deepdale Road
GPS 46°12.7??'N 61°17.1??'W

This trestle is about 1.6 km (1 mi) from Inverness but only a few minutes walk from the Deepdale Road, which intersects with the Railway Trail roughly 2 km (1¼ mi) from Highway 19 (at GPS 46°12.731'N 61°16.849'W). The trestle is 140 paces across; I'm so glad it has rails and flooring, as it stands very high (50 m/yd at a guess) above the brook below; had it not, my acrophobia would never have allowed me to make it across! This day was quite dreary and the views were obscured, with the Cape Mabou Highlands barely peeping out through the clouds and mist, but it was still a beautiful sight and I spent a good hour on my trusty three-legged stool in the damp enjoying the serenity of the place. I revisited it this year on the same sunny day the Inverness Harbour photo was taken and the views were gorgeous. I do not know the name of the brook below the trestle; I thought I had been told that it was called the ”Big River” but I see nothing by that name in The Nova Scotia Atlas. As best I can tell from the maps, it could be one of the tributaries of the Broad Cove River, unlabelled in the Atlas, or perhaps even the Broad Cove River itself. In any case, wet weather or sunny, this is a spot well worth the walk.

By the way, the Inverness to Kenloch Church segment can be broken into two shorter walks, if desired, using the aforementioned Deepdale Road intersection as the breaking point. That intersection is not terribly obvious; I have three times driven past it, knowing it was there, and not seeing it. If memory serves, there is a snowmobile route gas sign close to the intersection that can be seen from the road.