West Bay from the Marble Mountain Look-Off

West Bay from the Marble Mountain Look-Off
Photo 21 of 25: West Bay from the Marble Mountain Look-Off
Taken 2002 July 19 in Marble Mountain from the Marble Mountain Road at the look-off
GPS 45°49.429'N 61°02.234'W

At Malagawatch, the Marble Mountain Road turns west and follows the shore of West Bay to Marble Mountain. Just as you arrive there, you will see a look-off on your left. This is another of the many ”glory spots” along the Bras d’Or Lakes scenic drive.

This view looks back towards Malagawatch along the West Bay shore from the look-off, where several islands are visible. Beyond the islands you can see the waters of the Bras d’Or Lake and beyond them, a thin blue-grey strip at the horizon, the East Bay Hills on the other side of the Lake. On this beautiful day, the waters are reflecting the blue skies above. 2002 was a very dry year, which accounts for the brown grass showing here in the middle of July (the Queen Anne’s lace, however, is obviously flourishing in spite of the lack of water).