”The Flats” from Old Ferry Road

”The Flats” from Old Ferry Road
Photo 6 of 25: ”The Flats” from Old Ferry Road
Taken 2006 October 16 in the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park
from the Old Ferry Road Trail at its northeastern end
GPS 46°04.916'N 61°28.182'W

”The Flats” is the name given to the southern side of the Mabou River between the river’s mouth and Sams Point, seen here to the right of the centre of the photo. As can be seen in this photo, they are for the most part pretty shallow, consisting of tidal flats that are feeding grounds for many shore birds, who are attracted to the eel grass island in the middle of the picture, seen here in its autumn colours: herons are often seen on its periphery in the summer.

The main course of the river is to the left of the eel grass island. Whale Cove is the water on this side of the eel grass island from the landing to Sams Point. The Acarsaid (Harbour) Trail follows the Whale Cove coast out to and beyond Sams Point.

The rounded mountain left of centre in the photo is Mabou Mountain, at whose foot Mabou Village lies. The speck of white in the photo just right of centre is the steeple of St Marys Church in the village, which sits above the river; like the MacPhee’s red barn, St Marys steeple is a landmark to the water traveller.