Murray Mountain

Murray Mountain
Photo 16 of 33: Murray Mountain
Taken 2008 October 14 in St Anns from the Cabot Trail
9.7 km (6 mi) north of Exit 11 on the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 105)
GPS 46°15.43?'N 60°36.08?'W

This view is of the southeast side of Murray Mountain, whose height the topographical map gives as greater than 260 m (850 ft); further inland behind Jersey Cove, its height exceeds 330 m (1,080 ft), though that area is not visible in this photo. St Anns Harbour lies below Murray Mountain across the width of the photo and to the right; if you look carefully at the far right, you will see the spit of low land which leads to the Englishtown ferry landing. Jersey Cove lies between that spit of land and Murray Mountain, behind Murray Point and therefore outside the scope of this photo.

A road leads from the community of North River along the unnamed inlet seen in the previous photo, but stops well short of the face of Murray Mountain showing here. Another road leads from Jersey Cove along the east side of Murray Mountain, but again does not reach the face showing here. (I haven’t yet explored either of these roads, but have put them on my to-do list.) One concludes, therefore, that this area is uninhabited. So far as I can see from the topographical map, there are no hiking trails in this area either, though the vistas would have to be stunning from the top were there any openings in the forest that allowed one to see them.

[2012] In the intervening years, I have made it out along the North River outflow to the driveable end of Murray Road, which maps show as continuing all the way to Murray Point; what appeared to be an ATV trail or possibly a track negotiable by a jeep or high-slung truck continued past where I turned around, but it certainly wasn’t anything my car could deal with. I haven’t yet made it down the Jersey Cove Road, though; it’s still bubbling up to the top of my list…