St-Esprit Island and Light

St-Esprit Island and Light
Photo 19 of 30: St-Esprit Island and Light
Taken 2008 June 10 from Fergusons Road #2 near its end
GPS 45°37.7??'N 61°31.0??'W
Detail of the St-Esprit Island Light

In this view to the southeast, St-Esprit Island lies offshore in the Atlantic Ocean across the middle of this photo. The waters at the bottom of the photo are those of a small pond apparently once connected to the ocean but now cut off by the sand bar and the dunes seen just above it. At the left end of St-Esprit Island is the current light, not a lighthouse but a modern structure of the general type seen at Cape St Lawrence (a photo of which is here), but obviously much taller. I am unable to find a good photo of the current light on the Internet; a magnified copy of the one in this photo is shown at the right. A photo of the original lighthouse can be seen on this web page, which indicates that this lighthouse was manned until at least the 1930’s (and likely longer).

Along the middle of St-Esprit Island, one can see rocky reefs; I do not know what the outer coast looks like, but a Google search reveals that at least two vessels were wrecked off St-Esprit Island in the early 20th century.